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Morning Momentum

A matcha made in heaven. Matcha’s naturally caffeinated boost meets hemp’s soothing flow for a clean focus, without the buzz.

Taste notes: Earthy, grassy, lightly creamy with a hint of sweet.

Ingredients: oat milk (water, oats), matcha, full spectrum hemp extract, acasia extract, sea salt, potassium carbonate (salt), and cane sugar. View full nutritional facts.

Golden Turmeric

Midday Meditation

Sunshine, in a can. Containing turmeric and full spectrum hemp extract, this creamy latte splashes a focused, mellow ease over any sharp afternoon.

Taste notes: Warm, complex, rich with spices, and lightly creamy.

Ingredients: oat milk (water, oats), wildflower honey, organic turmeric, full spectrum hemp extract, chai blend, potassium carbonate (salt), sea salt, and cardamom extract, black pepper extract. View full nutritional facts.

Variety Pack

Variety Pack

Ready, set… Flow. Three cans of each, for that morning momentum and midday meditation.