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Calming Close

The nightcap of dreams. Soothing Lavender melts over your mind & body, winding you down for the night ahead.

15mg hemp extract
no added sugar
6g protein
gluten free

Taste notes

Smoothing, lightly creamy, with botanical aromas.

Ingredients and nutrition facts

oat milk (water, oats), fruit and vegetable juice for color, full spectrum hemp extract, lavender extract, acacia extract, potassium carbonate (salt), sea salt View full nutritional facts.

  • 6-pack
  • 12-pack
  • 24-pack

Ingredients with purpose

Our oatmilk is made of 2 simple ingredients: whole oats and water. Creamy, delicious and dairy-free.

Used for healing and relaxation for thousands of years, Lavender is a powerful botanical to soothe and quiet the mind for a peaceful rest.

Calms the mind and promotes balance. Our hemp is organically grown in Colorado and contains over 10 botanical terpenes and CBD.

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Product reviews

  1. Caroline (verified buyer)

    The Lavender latte is definitely my favorite! It was like I was in a coma last night after drinking it! LOVED IT💜 ! Always need better sleep

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